Small Prints Photography: Blog en-us (C) All content is copyright of Donna Gray 2022 all rights reserved (Small Prints Photography) Fri, 17 Jun 2022 10:22:00 GMT Fri, 17 Jun 2022 10:22:00 GMT Small Prints Photography: Blog 120 88 How many images will you capture in a newborn baby session? As many as we can, and many as you want! When a family arrive at the studio with no specific ideas on what they would like my aim is to always give as much variety in the session as I can within babies comfort. Sessions are always led by baby, but you can achieve an awful lot with skill, experience, time and patience. Because there is never a time limit on my newborn baby photo sessions and because I only ever take one session in a day, we will have all the time in the world! It's too important a job not to spend time on it. 

So for this little baby boy that's just exactly what we set about doing, creating some beautiful timeless images capturing 'just baby' images, beautifully lit showing off his cute button nose and teeny hands. I can't show them all here, but I can show you the below example. We also captured macro images of the teeniest details such as his hairline, fingers, toes, lips. All the beautiful little details that are gone in a blink and pass so fast. 

While I'm capturing these images, Mum and Dad are busy making themselves at home in the studio and are invited to choose from my HUGE prop and accessories collections things that jump out and appeal to their taste. 

Mum and Dad loved the long-tailed sleepy hat. These are so popular and I have them in various colours and textures. Choosing out a soft warm neutral tone. is always a great choice, it never goes out of fashion and will tone with any room the image was chosen to be displayed in. The space around the image lets us crop for whatever shape or size you might like to print and also allows me space to apply any custom quote or birth details you might like to include on a birth announcement or quote for a wall display if you chose an image like this for that purpose. 

Just like this next one! Next, we looked at wee teddies and other accessories, the mini teddy collection is always a favourite too. By why choose one when they ALL look super cute! Everything in my studio is specifically sized and chosen from my trusted suppliers to expertly scale and size for newborn babies. I can even source specific themes and props if you have a specific thing in mind. 

This shot would look fantastic in his nursery! 

By this time parents are usually amazed at just how much we have achieved so far and just how settled and relaxed their baby is while in the studio. Being slowly soothed and kept relaxed and happy. So they see examples of what I've shot before in our studio slideshow, sample albums or wall products or are blown away by the prop room and see something relevant to them in there. This baby's Dad picked out a cloth which is a very near match to the family tartan, so we shot some pictures incorporating it. 

We get a mix of both sleepy shots and awake shots as baby dips in and out of light sleep, still happy and content in his swaddle and wrap. We move from that to some awake shot on a plain background, we get smiles, yawns some really funny expressions and sometimes we catch a sneeze as babies do all their own stunts! Then baby decides he is ready for a feed. At this point, I can give parents privacy to feed if they would like some or top up drinks and refreshments while you cuddle your baby and I'll organise the next set we are going to try. 

Through chatting with babies parents and through them spotting my little fishing rod prop in the studio prop collection we decided to create a very special shot picking up on one of his grandparents love of fishing. What new grandparent doesn't dream of a day they can introduce their grandchild to one of their favourite pursuits! 

I decided to team the fishing rod with one of my other handcrafted props, a beautiful tweed covered armchair I made myself. he settles comfortably into the wee chair and we get a wee series of images here too. Like with any of my prop shots a spotter is edited out from beside baby to make sure that baby is safe at all times.  It seems like this baby boy also dreams of going off fishing with his grandad one day soon! 

I hope from just these few photos you can begin to see the huge variety that can be created in the large galleries I offer at Small Prints Photography. This galley will be well over 50 images, over several themes and colourways. Both 'just baby' and heirloom, sentimental shots that hold special meaning to the family. Add to this we also captured group images, with Mum, Dad and baby. Because I firmly believe it something is worth doing, it's well worth doing right. It's what I take pride in, in every single session I shoot & with every family I meet. 




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Baby O’s Newborn photos Aberdeen Baby Oscar was a delight to photograph, there are so many gorgeous shots in his gallery is tricky to choose which to show you?

I know which one is my favourite! Which is yours?

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Thinking on working from home? Worried about childcare costs? Choosing to start your own business doesn’t always happen with money in the bank and a perfectly written business plan, sometimes, you just make it happen! You take the plunge because nothing can be lost in trying. Sometimes your knocked down at every turn and just work harder to achieve your dream. I know an inspirational lady who did just that. I’ve known Letty since my school days, now, Letty is Mummy to adorable twin girls Amber and Chloe, and like many of us, the costs of childcare made working unprofitable for her. I’ve since used her companies services recently and can highly recommend her, she is personal, approachable and professional. I asked Letty to share her journey with us all as I’m sure it will inspire many of you who may find yourselves in the same circumstances…

Hello, my name is Letty Scrimgeour and I run my own Virtual Assistant business called KeyStroke Virtual Secretary Services Ltd. From my home office in Strathdon, Aberdeenshire. When Donna asked me to write about being a mummy and business woman. I thought wow is that me? I never really think of myself as a business woman, but I suppose that is exactly what I am.

I ended up starting my own business. After having just returned to work from having the twins (Amber and Chloe). I was made compulsory redundant due to the downturn in oil business within Aberdeen.

This scared me not only did I have myself to think of now, but I also had the girls to consider as well. I am still with their Dad and he is a great support. But I am and always have been a very independent woman. So, when my Boss at the time suggested I investigate becoming a Virtual Assistant I had no idea what that meant.

I spent hours researching the topic and found one website called The VA Handbook created by a lady called Joanne Munro. I read her story and the references and help sheets that she included on her site. I found it very interesting but still wanted some assurance that this was possible. So around eleven o’clock one night I sent Joanne an email explaining my concerns and that I wanted to start out on my own.

I hadn’t really expected a response, but she came back to myself the same evening and offered me the opportunity to be a tester for a new course that she was going to launch. In return, I just had to provide her with feedback on it. Why not I thought I had nothing to lose at this stage.

So, I completed the course and joined her Facebook page. It was useful and provided me with the tools I needed to set up as a Virtual Assistant along with a support network of people who were all carrying out the same job as well.

With the help of some friends, I was also able to attend some courses at the Business Gateway Centre in Aberdeen and Inverurie.

Whilst starting the business I got a part-time job within the Reception at the local Community Centre. Which involved my partner having to take time off work for me to get out of the house as the cost of child care for twins was far more than what I would have earned that day.

Then disaster struck. I fell badly in the back garden and broke my leg in two places as well as dislocating my knee. It was awful, and I found myself stuck in hospital away from my girls who had only just turned 13 months old at the time.

I asked my partner to bring my laptop through for me, so I could go on and read Joanne’s Facebook posts and try to start doing some work on the business. It was then after contacting a few people that I already knew and letting them know what I was doing I got my very first client from my Hospital bed.

The business has now been up and running for two and a half years. It has been difficult juggling the girls and work. But I have made it work by working when they were sleeping or in the evenings when my partner had come home. I was able to start working during the day this year when they started at Nursery and once they start school next August it will mean I will be able to focus more attention to the business.

I am proud to say that it currently employs a couple of people within the Team. Which means we can offer a broader range of services such as Administration, Web Design, Graphic Design just to name a few.

My vision is for the company is to keep growing and to be able to help other mum’s get back into work who would otherwise be unable to due to a lack of home support or being unable to afford the ever-rising costs of childcare.

The road is never easy and there are some days that my girls will not let me work no matter how much I want to. But I am hoping that by doing this I am showing them that anything is possible if they want it enough.

If you would like to see more about my services, please just visit my website or you can find us on Facebook.

Thank you again Donna for inviting me to write about my journey.

Letty Scrimgeour

Managing Director

T: 07808 084 038


Photos of Letty and her girls included courtesy of Gerard Murphy Photography

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Beautiful Black and Whites of baby Henley newborn Photography Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire Some beautiful black and white previews of baby Henley. I love how these show off his beautiful baby lashes and his lanugo.

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SPECIALIST NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY ABERDEEN ABERDEENSHIRE This week end I had the pleasure of meeting Baby Olivia & her parents. She was a delight to work with and these are a small selection of preview images from her shoot. Isn't she just adorable. Olivia came along with her own rag doll and a wee mouse she had been given as a present !

It is worth pointing out, that although most of my session previews are shown on the facebook page at this is entirely optional. Some parents choose to wait for the huge reveal to see all their files once every one has been retouched individually. Some parents prefer that their images aren't put on face book at all, and this is entirely respected. The Small Talk Blog is also used if parents prefer to see a 'sneak peak' but either aren't on social media or prefer not to have their images on there.

I always discuss parent's preferences for props and poses and I love to create a small 'wish list' for you ahead of your shoot, so I can prepare the studio with appropriate back drops and sets. We kept Olivia's shoot fairly neutral with some girly touches, and kept things very simple and natural.

Shortly, once the studio renovation is complete I shall have all my props laid out in the props room, so parents can see exactly what's available, there are so many options ! I will always guide you if you prefer, and it is lovely to be given freedom sometimes as well, to be creative and try new ideas, accessories and props. But I feel that parents like to be consulted & involved in creating such important images; that won't just be important to them in the future but will also be very special for their baby.

Parents are always welcome to take along any thing they think might work as a prop ( as long as I can safely pose in or on it, then I will attempt it for you). Popular choices are babies own first possessions such as teddy bears or soft toys, blankets or shawls, rattles, first baby bracelets, toy boxes etc. Things that tie with parents careers or hobbies, such as guitars, golf clubs, drums, you name it !   Some parents bring there own first teddies as they pass on down a generation.  Some parents bring the Grandparents which is just fantastic and I love the celebratory atmosphere we have in studio when that happens - just let me know if you'd like me to have some champagne on ice !  Photographing a newborn is a huge privilege but capturing moments of tenderness between a new baby and other family members is a tremendously rewarding experience. 

The last time it did happen we got beautiful shots like this, just imagine how treasured these will be in years to come :


"When a baby is born, so is a mother"   ..... and a grandmother !

You could just feel the love in the room for this new baby.

If you wish to bring additional family members along to your newborn shoot, just please let me know in advance.

As I'd hate to run out of coffee cups, biscuits ... or champagne flutes !




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Last week I finalized the new logo design for Small Prints Photography. It was designed for me by Zoe Ruckledge at All Spruced Up I am delighted with it ! It's taken many hours of thought and a few revisions to get it just right. So I can't thank Zoe enough for sticking with me.

The new design has a few elements about it with a bit of Scottish history, folklore and legend attached to them.  Don’t you just love a good old story to make things a little more interesting and more meaningful ?

The new design is based around an old Scottish love token called a 'lucken booth'. Heart shaped brooches are recorded in Scotland’s history as far back as 1503. In the 18th century they became known as luckenbooths, because they were sold from locked booths; the first permanent shops along the royal mile in Edinburgh, in the jewelery quarter outside St Giles Cathedral. Oringinally they were quite small, but by the time Mary Queen of Scots was given a luckenbooth from Lord Darnley, they had become a lot more elaborate. She was the reason a crown became part of the design.

Luckenbooths were given as a love token on engagement or on betrothal. They were considered to bring good luck and protected the wearer from evil. In that day and age, their ‘power’ thought to be so great, that subsequently they were thought to ease childbirth if pinned to petticoats near the left thigh of the mother. Then, they were thought to speed the milk supply after the birth.  But perhaps the most poignant part of this legend and the most relevent, is that they would then be pinned to the shawls of new babies to protect them & to prevent them being stolen by fairies !

Since every parents first instinct is to protect their child, this sentiment seemed just perfect for a logo. The Small Prints version has two small hearts representing parents, and one large heart encompassing babies ‘Small Prints’. The Small Prints crown is inspired by modern abstract family sculptures I've seen, and, if you look in a more abstract way, it represents a family holding hands. When I looked at heart shapes for inspiration, I stumbled across my gold lucken booth pendant I wore one on my wedding day. I knew then that the sentiment behind these hearts and the crown emblem was just the right thing to display by all these beautiful 'Small Prints' babies.

Luckenbooth pendant from my wedding day
The new logo, will serve as a pretty and subtle watermark, applied to all images that go on the internet to protect them.  Watermarking makes images traceable. In line with advice I received from CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) this is the best way to protect images on line. 

In time as I develop my business, from booking, through the shoot, then ordering and receiving the finished images, the logo will be on packaging materials that may be re-used by parents; in turn also protecting the enviroment a little.  Packaging in the Small Prints gift pack, on prints, and collections of images will provide parents with a lovely set of decorated items that package their items beautifully, but also leave them with a keep sake box and small boxes and linen bags that babies first treasures can be stored in. The things we all tend to keep like; hospital bracelets, first curls, a first tooth, first outfits, first shoes and so on.

So .. it's not just a heart and some baby feet with a little crown above it. A little more though was put into it than that.  There is something a little more special and meaningful behind 'Small Prints' and my logo is not only pretty to look at. I hope you agree it feels like a  'Work of Heart' !



Hudson's Daddy had been eagerly preparing for his photo session, and he came with his very own personalised crate! I love when parents or other relatives bring along personal belongings to make their session completely unique for their baby. Hudson's crate will be such a special keep sake. As he grows, he may well be photographed with his crate many times but there will be few times he will fit in it quite as well as he did on the day of his Newborn Photography session.  Some parents don't bring anything but their new arrival and this is fine too, I have a massive selection of props, hats and accessories to choose from, or we can concentrate on simple, timeless shots that really just show off how beautiful your baby is.

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Little Sweethearts celebrating their first Valentines day, NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY ABERDEEN

Happy Valentines day to all our 'Small Prints' celebrating their first valentines day. Here are just a few of the recent sweethearts photographed by by Donna Gray at Small Prints Photography, Aberdeenshire Specialist Newborn Photographer.

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Newborn Photography Session, Newborn Photography in Aberdeenshire Preview of Baby Caleb, Aberdeen Newborn Photography, Aberdeenshire I'm catching up on some preview images today, we have so many beautiful images from Baby C's session. It's always difficult to choose favourites from a session as we get so much variety of poses, both with parents, with siblings. Some with props, some without, some posed and some completely spontaneous such as those very important first smiles.  But sometimes the classic simple poses with are the best. This one is my absolute favourite from his session so far !

I love this one too ....

And another

Oh ... and another ... see it's so difficult to choose a favourite !

I just love happy little customers, just how wide is that smile !

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It's wintery in Aberdeenshire. A post for new mums wrestling with snowsuits and jackets ! OK, so what I post on the 'Small Talk'  blog, won't always been photography related.  I'm a mum as well as a photographer. Life isn't all awards and accolades, I also reach the dizzy hights of weaning, potty training, and all the usual ups and downs of parenting spanning the ages 6mths to 10years usually all in the same day.

The most recent challenges to my photography work flow, are a sickness bug which hit us all and passed swiftly,  thankfully it didn't collide with any newborn shoots so I didn't have to postpone and we all got better but it did stop the editing process for a while, while I played nurse to 7 and then recovered myself. Now we have snow days off school which are delaying my processing a little, so I feel I am on permanent catch up, but I promise your images will be well worth the wait ! However, I digress. The point to the post.. ah yes !

I've found many products over the course of 10 childbearing years, that I just couldn't live without.

One of them is the Morrck hoodie ! I thought on such a snowy wintery day it was a great time to show you it !

How many of you wrestle gladiator style with your tiny baby or toddler trying to get wriggly little hands through tiny little sleeves, and tiny toes down the legs of a snow suit that looks like you are about to set off on an expedition north pole ! I've lost count of how many times I did this with mine. Just when you thought safe to start your adventure,  then there would be an eruption in babies nappy ad we'd have to wrestle them out of it again, or we'd have them from house to car in two minutes and then they would roast in the car like a oven basted turkey ! We'd get to where we were going, sometimes just a 15 minute journey away, and sometimes I'd just be carrying them indoors again, car to house, where I would begin the wrestle once more. Sometimes they've fallen asleep and you'd have to wake them to undress them.

Then I discovered the baby hoodie. Life became a whole lot easier ! No more picking up the bundle and wondering where the baby went, all you need is your baby, the hoodie stays in the car seat ! Should baby wake or if you need to leave the car seat in the car, you can lift baby and the hoodie and carry them cosy to where your going. It's all designed around the car seat straps. This also makes it easy to remove to wash.  For more details go take a look at their site they have so many practical products. The hoodie makes a lovely present for a new baby, and they even have different weights for summer too.

Here is Alan, my youngest, he's 6mths now already, we were about to go on the nursery run with his brother and sister, he's modeling his hoodie, I confess he is still in his PJ's and proabbly wearing a little weetabix ! ( the photo isn't a masterpeice, it's a snap with my iphone, not an award winner but look at that grin !)






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Small Prints in News Print !  

An article about my associateship qualification with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers hit the news this week.



Here are images that featured in my qualification panel. Thank you to all the little ones who featured & their parents. All images were taken during commissioned sessions at Small Prints Photography and are a small part of a collection of images that are offered to parents to choose from.










Newborn Photography Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire by Donna Gray ASWPP Small Prints Photography

A lovely wide eyed shot, a preview image from a recent session. Baby C was wide awake when we started his session; so we got some beautiful awake shots as well as some beautiful sleepy baby photography. It's only natural, that babies may have awake spells during their session, and with the beauty of no time limits, it means we keep shooting and we keep them comfy and cosy and we sooth, feed,  and wait till they drift off to dream land again. Giving a lovely variety of shots to your session.




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Wishing all clients past, present and future a very Merry Christmas & a Happy 2013


It's been another very busy year For Small Prints Photography. Multiple Gold awards with SWPP, as well as many Highly commended awards, I've qualified as an Associate with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, and been in Mark Cleghorn's top 5 images twice during his photo critque's as well. I've had a ball, and loved working with so many parents and their new babies to create beautiful images I hope they will treasure for many years. I am very much looking forward to 2013, I have invested in 3 course's booked for nest year to keep me developing further and I don't think you ever stop learning and improving.

 Winning awards and accolades and qualifying, is the icing on the cake for me ! It's all about the parents and their gorgeous babies at the end of the day, they are the reason I started my business. So what better way to end 2012, than to have beautiful Baby C. and his parents visit the studio for their photo session just before Christmas. Baby C. Made a slightly early appearance, along with some of the November babies going late, so it's been a very busy few weeks on the run up to the festive season. 

I thought his first preview image should be a Christmas shot since it's Christmas Eve. So I'd like to take the opportunity to wish all my clients throughout 2012 a very Merry Christmas, and a very Happy new year ! Thank you for your custom, for a small business and a one woman show; it is very much appreciated.

I hope Santa is very very good to all those babies celebrating perhaps just their 2nd Christmas, and for those celebrating their 1st ! Enjoy your little ones and have a lovely time.

Donna Gray ASWPP


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Aberdeen newborn baby photographer awarded associateship with all newborn panel I got the best news ever in October, I have been in business for over 2 years now, it is a year since I was awarded my licentateship with The societies. 

I've spent another year building the business, photographing many of North East Scotland's newborn population, improving, and training, as well as juggling 5 children, a pregnancy & in July the arrival of our 6th baby. 

I like challenge, I like to keep busy. So, this October I submitted a panel of 20 newborn baby images for critique and mentoring, to see how far I've come,  where I could improve, and if there were any weaknesses I could concentrate my efforts on in the following year.  I have been awaiting the post man everyday since to see what they'd say about my panel of images, in the view to planning further training in 2013 and dreaming of achieving associateship at some point in the future.

The letter arrived, and after re, reading the letter 3 times, I've defiantly read correctly.

I've been recommended for immediate qualification, after the images had been passed for critique and mentoring, the 5 judges, all Fellows or Masters from the Society of Wedding & Portrait photographers have concluded that I should be awarded associateship !

So I am now proud to display the letters ASWPP after my name :-) you can view my panel of 20 images here :just click play. All images were taken during commissioned newborn sessions in 2012 and each is just oone of many images parents receive to choose from, from a typical newborn session with me at Small Prints Photography.

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Aberdeen Newborn Baby Photographer scoops more awards and is judges choice for May I'm thrilled to announce that in May's international competition run by the SWPP, I was awarded another GOLD ! With this image of little baby Cooper. As if winning another gold wasn't excitement enough, I'm also celebrating as it was also the image chosen as the judges choice for May. 



And sleepy little Baby Emmy is also a wee star, I was awarded Highly commended for this image of Emmy in sleepily posed on her dad's hand. 

I love my job ! These awards are a lovely acknowledgement of the patience and skill it takes to achieve images like these, as well as being an acknowledgement that my work is at this level, and my hard work and training are showing in my images. And the extra bonus is I'm sure that both Cooper & Emmy's parents are proud as punch that their little ones so beautifully posed for these shots. Both families will receive a complimentary 'thank you' print from me too!  

Photography skills aside, posing newborns in sweet little poses, keeping babies comfortable and being patient enough to wait until they are settled, safe, secure, and content, is something that can't be rushed, and I'm always pleased when parents leave the studio saying how comfortable they felt during their session, and how pleasantly surprised they are that it is a relaxed and laid back experience.

It should be an enjoyable experience ! Babies should always look comfortable and content and not distressed or crying. As I've said to many parents I've not met a 'bad' baby yet, parents are always concerned their babies won't 'perform' but it's not their job too. I put everything in place to keep your baby as soothed, calm and content as possible. Babies run the sessions, and parents and I are just patient, nothing is ever forced and I've not had a distressed baby in the studio to date. 

Please don't forget I've got children, you can't scare me ! Once you have a 5 kids under 9, a newborns cry seems a whisper ! 









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Donna Gray & Small Prints Photography in Mark Cleghorn's top 5 for the second time !  

Well the little lad in the car really is going places.  My image of this little lad made the top 5 in Mark Cleghorn's Photo critique this week. Praise indeed, thank you Mark :-) I'm very pleased. If you'd like to visit my home page, click Home top left to see a selection of my most recent images.

"Mark Cleghorn FSWPP FMPA FBIPP FRPS QEP is a photographer with a distinctive style; his images have won hundreds of awards including the Kodak Gold Award 17 times. His work has been acknowledged by the photographic industry who awarded him 4 Fellowships for his outstanding images, he has influenced photographers across the world setting new trends and techniques and was one of the first to fully embrace digital. Mark has written books on portrait and wedding photography as well as Digital and Lighting, he has judged photographers work all over the world and is still considered to be one of the major influences of style and technique in the wedding and portrait industry today but most importantly his portraits hang in thousands of homes around the world bringing a smile across generations and a memory of a time never to be forgotten."

Taken from Marks web site at

I've been a member of Marks web site now for almost a year, in that time I have trained at some very unsociable times of night and day, fitting it in around a busy family life, and often doing 'night shift' !  As well as escaping, when I can do do day work shops at other locations or training online with some of the most followed American Newborn Photographer's.

This is my second image to make the 'top 5',  where members of Marks site enter images for constructive critique.  Marks critique on composition, lighting, post production and all the other factors that go to make a good image better; are always great to listen to during his webinars and he shows how he might have cropped differently or processed differently to make it better. At the end of the evening, Mark then picks out his 5 favourite images.

I have my fingers crossed for this image, I think we'll be seeing more of this little guy's images soon ! Along with some sleepy newborn images, parents have taken some fab, and unusual props into the studio recently, it all makes their sessions so much more personal and meaningful to look back on in weeks, months and years ahead.  


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A Hat trick of awards for April

On the 1st of May 2012 I received news I had been awarded 3 'Highly Commended' awards in the International competition run by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP).  These images won highly commended in the Bump & Baby, Studio Portrait, and Fine Art & Pictorial Categories. In January this year 'Highly Commended' replaced The Societies Silver award and are judged to be above standard, isn't that just what any parent would want their babies first photographs to be !  

Images judged at this standard  are reviewed every three months.  More judges will access them and if they feel they are of a high enough standard they have the potential of being reclassified as Gold. I am delighted to have my images be judged at this level, and I think it shows my commitment to the intense training I've accomplished over the last few very busy months. It has been well worth while, and I look forward to serving more of Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire's new parents with a high standard of newborn photography. The images I submitted were very much part of a normal session, and each is of a different families baby, the families can look forward to seeing many more images from their session - these were some of the 'sneak peak' images for the Small Prints Photography face book page at

To add to an already wonderful day, I had my first booking for a Christmas baby ! My lips are sealed !  It's so lovely to be trusted with someones special news. I can't wait to photograph their baby, time passes so quickly, Christmas will be here before we know it.

I advise parents to book during pregnancy, as we arrange the actual day and time of your session after your baby arrives. It's good to book perhaps after your first baby scan, to avoid disappointment. Booking ahead also means you have lots of time to 'hint' for gifts of  Small Prints Photography gift vouchers ! Memories make the best gifts !

Below is a slideshow of some of my favourite images from recent shoots. The sound track is a new song I have added to my collection of  licensed tracks I have available to parents who choose to have a 'Work of Heart' slideshow created and it is indeed 'Perfect' for a new baby's first images. I hope you enjoy it !



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Can I fit in a blog ? How about I call it 'Small Talk' that fits ! Well, it's not something I've done before ? But here goes ! This will probably be the place to find out what I'm up to behind the scenes of Small Prints Photography. I've always been a bit baffled by the reason for blogging. But since starting my business I have looked back many times and really wondered how I got here myself ? I'd thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of where it started and how far I'd come, instead of thinking everyday of the list of things I didn't get to. 

One of the things I think every mum is guilty of is not looking back and seeing what we have achieved, (or encouraged our children achieve). Instead we look back and beat ourselves up at the end of the day over what we've not done ! Why do we do that ? So, if nothing else this will be a written record of the journey along the way. People often ask me "How do you do it ?". People often said that before I had a business ! That is, when they weren't asking "don't you know how it happens?"  and if your a grand multipara you'll know what I mean LOL.  Now, I have a business and five beautiful children (sorry to the 4 boys, I know beautiful maybe isn't 'cool' ) and we are awaiting the arrival of our 6th child in July 2012. Quite honestly I have no idea how anyone does it, you just get on with it ! So her goes, what have I done with my year so far. Juggling this and a young family isn't easy, but anything worth doing is never easy is it ? 

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Apart from keeping my family happy and at times, no doubt sacrificing time with them, over time spent on business. I've had a very hectic start to the year. Here we are almost in May and so far I've invested a lot of time and money into training & upgrades in the last few months. Post production equipment has been upgraded, and software changes, so I have had all those new thing's to learn too. Once familiar with all the new arrivals It will allow me to deliver better quality and work faster for my clients.

During January & February I did course work with Stephanie Robin, and had work critiqued by her on areas to improve on. While I participated in her course on baby safety and posing.  As a mum you think you know almost everything there really is to know about handling babies, I've done it 5 times over ! But wow ! Stephanies course was just amazing ! I learned so much. Baby safety is always a topic of hot debate among newborn photographers, I have always been aware that certain poses and props should only be used and the resulting shots obtained by creating 'composite' images, and merging them together ! Even when I first started the business. Even with this knowledge I felt this course was an essential addition to my development.  Stephanie isn't just photographer; she is also a registered physiotherapist. So she teaches from a safety first point of view, as well as an artistic one. 

During March and AprilI took a course with Sarah Ulrich of Uniquely you. Sarah has no natural light available to her, many of us are in the same position here in Scotland in our homes. Or in my case my family friendly working hours mean I am almost nocturnal - unless it's week end. Sarah is a master at making flash photography look as natural as possible and this is what I hoped to learn most about, although the training I have already makes for great results, I can already see a huge progression in the quality and consistency of the light in my images. Beautiful babies deserve beautiful lighting !

Later in April I trained with John Denton, and his lovely wife Liz in Yorkshire.  John, is an author of photography books, business mentor and a Master Photographer of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.  I throughly enjoyed my day shooting with John and his fantastic model Claire Marr. This training was to help develop a whole new side to my business which will come later, although may things I learned can be applied to my business now. 

Phew, what a busy start to 2012, only my second year in business. SO much learned so much still to learn and achieve. I can't wait ! 

Well, I thought I'd have nothing to write, so it's time I wound this up ...

I have met so many parents now, and during our session with their little ones, they tell me about their journey to parent hood, and the ups and the downs, the heartbreaks, the tears and then finally the total joy of their little ones safe arrival ! My husband I have been incredibly lucky to have such a smooth journey. So, in a way, I feel like doing this is perhaps giving a little something back to those who have had the roller coaster ride. Helping parents keep theses precious memories of their babies tiny days is a very rewarding thing to do.  Being trusted to cradle so many precious newborn babies in my arms while I calm them prior to posing feels like a complete privilege, and, the more I do this job the more I love it !

Thank you to each and every one of you who have helped me along the way in my journey to becoming an even better newborn photographer. 

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